Mukishoes – sustainable barefoot shoes made in Portugal

A barefoot shoe using exclusively natural and non-toxic materials. We care about a fair production process with the minimum possible impact on the environment and on human lives. We pick our suppliers and manufacturers carefully, giving preference to those with vast experience and knowledge of good textile production practices and those who offer certifications.

Our main partners are family-owned, local businesses, whom we have a close relationship with, allowing us to support them as well as verify their working conditions.

Working locally also reduces our carbon footprint, as raw materials travel much smaller distances than they would if we acquired them overseas.

We work with these materials:

Organic cotton from North of Portugal, Tunisia and Spain, with GOTS certified pigments.

Hemp from Transilvania, Romania.

Burel (100% sheep’s wool fabric of medieval origin) from the Portuguese mountains Serra da Estrela.

Linen sourced from Austria, where stands spun from flax grown in France and Belgium are dyed individually using GOTS certified pigments and woven in Panama style.
Deadstock Fabric. We upcycle our own deadstocks and offcuts by frequently using them to create smaller shoe pieces or even limited runs of popular models.
Leather: vegetable tanned leather as a by-product from the alimentary sector, REACH certificated with no harmful toxins for humans nor the environment.

Cork from the biggest producer of cork in the world: Portugal


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